1.8t valvespring kit +cams

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Ενα εξαιρετικό κιτ value for money με ατσάλινες βαλβίδες εξαγωγής υψηλής ποιότητας από την Mahle, σκληρότερα ελατήρια και εκκεντροφόρους reprofil.

A great value for money valvetrain kit from Mahle motorsport and reprofile cams .

1.HD spring set for all vw-Audi-Seat-Skoda 1.8 20v/20vt
Contains 8 double exhaust springs and 12 single intake springs
No bottomshims (just like stock)

Specs are:
Intake spring 33.50mm installed height 45lbs=20.5kg seat pressure
@ 23mm height (10.5mm lift which is max) 130lbs=59kg spring pressure
Coilbind @ 21.7mm (not 21.7mm lift)
Exhaust spring 30.70mm installed height 100lbs=45kg seat pressure
@ 20.2mm height (10.5mm lift which is max) 211lbs=96kg spring pressure
Coilbind @ 17.8mm (not 17.8mm lift)
These springs can be used with standard retainers

2.Mahle steel exhaust valve standard size
These are with solid stem and therefore much stronger than standard

3. reprofil cams by Dynodrome

Intake valves not included .Oem intake valves works fine for over 800hp
For more information please contact to info@dynodrome.gr